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International Euro IBAN

Open your own global SWIFT euro IBAN account to send and receive payments to and from 100+ countries.

Your euro is Global

36.7% of global trade is in euros

Unlock global trade with our global euro banking account and IBAN services.

Pay globally

Receive payments

Your euro is safe

A dedicated IBAN account

1-3 day processing time

Track payments

Global trade payments

Your Narvi account connects you to International payments via the SWIFT network


85.6% of trade and supply chain payments are made on the SWIFT network


The majority of cross-border payments are made using the SWIFT network


11,000+ banks are connected to send and receive payments on the network


SWIFT connects every country in the world that is not currently sanctioned by the US or the EU


To be a global player you need to be a part of the SWIFT network

Frequently Asked Questions

US dollars sent to your IBAN account will automatically be converted to euros and deposited into your account. You can also ask the sender to first convert the funds to euros and then send the funds to your IBAN account in euros.

Simply send them an invoice with your euro bank account details provided by Narvi and any other information they ask for such as bank address. When they make the payment, their local bank in Brazil will convert the funds to euros and send them via the SWIFT network to your IBAN account.

ACH is a local payment method in the US. Generally speaking, when your customer in the US wants to pay a supplier outside the US, their bank will convert the payment from ACH to SWIFT and send the payment as an international wire. Most US banks are connected to the SWIFT network for international payments.

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About Narvi

Narvi is built by fintech serial entrepreneurs who all share two core values. Build all technology from the ground up with the user in mind and have the best regulatory compliance to provide security for all of our customers.

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